Today more than ever before customers have the power to make or break a business.

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The shift…

Customers are more expectant, more empowered and more entitled. And with this power shift, those companies who focus relentlessly on making the customer their number one priority are gaining a tremendous competitive edge.

We have entered the ‘Experience Era.’ For consumers, experiences are now becoming more valuable — and more powerful — than products. - Adobe Summit Report

Today’s five-star experiences will be tomorrow’s one-star expectations. The challenge will be delivering on new experiences via technology, consistent voice and context, and truly “knowing” the customer.

Harvard Business Review

Part report, part toolbox

The Experience Era is a free four part guide from 383 designed to help large organisations currently grappling with the fundamentals of becoming an experience-led business.

Over the last 10 years at 383 we’ve had the good fortune to work with many global companies to improve or invent high performing customer experiences. We’ve taken that experience and knowledge and wrapped it into a 12 month guide that we’ll be publishing in four instalments.

From the boardroom to the whiteboard:

The Experience Era guide will benefit anyone with the power to make decisions in a large organisation. From CTOs and CMOs, to Product and CX leads and anyone in between.

The Guides

We scoured every C-suite, CX or product survey out there to identify four common challenges and pain points we believe many people at large companies are currently facing. These pain points are the focus of these guides.

Q.3 Strategy & Prioritisation

How to ensure that clear strategy leads to actions and prioritisation.

Coming Spring 2017

Q.4 Teams & Culture

How to increase digital literacy and enable teams to build a cadence of customer first thinking across the organisation.

Coming Summer 2018

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