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Transforming customer experiences in
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In 2017 Deloitte’s global CIO survey revealed that 57% of respondents chose ‘customers’ as their top business priority(1).

Take a tour through similar survey titles from last year(2) and you’ll find that same customer preoccupation in the mindset of other boardroom seats; with terms like ‘customer centricity’, ‘customer first culture’ or ‘customer obsessive’ frequently mentioned.

But in many large organisations, where a ‘priority’ can often become curiously correlated with inertia, what does it mean to truly place the customer at the centre of business actions? What enables an organisation to be able to execute and take meaningful customer focused decisions, rather than just prioritise the word ‘customer’ in their internal presentations?

A key aspect to transforming customer experiences begins with placing customer needs at the very front of the organisational processes and decision making. When GDS published their now well-known Government Design Principles the very first rule was ‘start with user needs’. At Amazon, Jeff Bezos has similarly pursued this idea since the inception of the company, frequently stating “we’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and then work backwards”.

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