Q.2 Frictions & Technology

How to identify what degrades the customer experience you are trying to deliver.

Service is no longer a silo but horizontal at American Express.

Jim Bush - EVP of World Service at American Express

If today’s organisations subscribe to the belief that great Customer Experience is a significant differentiator upon which strong businesses are built, then the natural progression from the application of regular customer focused research (part 1 of this guide) is to developing the broader skill of mapping the end to end customer experience and pro-actively fixing moments of customer dissatisfaction.

When it comes to Customer Journey or Experience Mapping, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the wealth of information, teaching and tools on the subject. But, irrespective of the flavour of approach chosen, the common goal is to identify moments of customer dissatisfaction (frictions) and crucially, design measurable and actionable solutions that solve these customer problems. 

In this second section of ‘The Experience Era Guide’ we will highlight the common pitfalls and mistakes when looking to address customer frictions and provide a series of recommendations, resources and further reading for teams embarking on Experience Mapping projects.

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